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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recollecting memories of Bangkok: Jai Ho Viji-Khalid!

It was a Memorable evening for us on May 16, 2009 in Bangkok.

There has a been an inordinate delay in writing this blog! I learnt how to give an excuse in Bangalore! The trick is to say that 'There was a technical problem!' and that is it! The way it is said implies: We do not know when it will be fixed and you won't understand even if I explain the problem! Real reason is that it was lost in transition as we moved from Bangkok to Bangalore.

In some ways I am happy with the delay. I am reminded of our life in Bangkok and am feeling very nostalgic as I upload all the wonderful pictures Viji has sent me. I could not resist posting so many pictures, in fact there are many more which I reluctantly decided not to. It is a wonderful album for us to keep as Viji and Khalid had invited so many of our friends for the event and happily for us they were there for the evening.

When I asked Viji 'What is it about? She replied 'The invitation tells it all'. A number of reasons to celebrate!

The format with emphasis on music was specially designed amongst other things as a farewell to Tara. It was to acknowledge the contribution she has made, with the help of others, especially Viji and Gayathri to the music scene in Bangkok. Idea of inviting Satish, Nachiket and Asit Tripathi from Bangalore to participate and sing along with our own Local Talent was brilliant. Tara, Viji, Ravinder and Aruna really had a great time singing with such accomplished artists and to their credit it went very well. It was also wonderful to hear Chattarbir and Bobby Rishi.

The party also celebrated many landmark birthdays. Dipa, Gayathri, Maya and Varsha all celebrated theirs and I can honestly say and you will agree that they even look younger than what they will admit to! It is also a landmark year for Atul, Gopi and Augie, the birthday boy in waiting! Finally it was also for Tara and me, actually 16th May is my birthday.

We had a great time, and Tara adds that it was a mother of all farewells! Our thanks to Viji and Khalid for making it so unforgettable. After such a farewell we felt like cancelling our move back to India! We were blessed with such a great group of friends and well wishers in Bangkok and they are etched in our memories forever.

Our very close friends Raji and Lakshmi who had specially flown in from Bangalore said it was one of the best events they had attended anywhere. They said 'It started on time, excellent food, great music and a lot of positive energy and comradeship'.

I have not mentioned the names of the guests as most do not need any introduction! But I will mention a few: Dolly for untiring efforts behind the scene to keep the program running smoothly! Ambassador Latha Reddy who joined the fun on the floor and was serenaded with a Kannada song by the Bangalore singers! Bobby Rishi who added variety and color to the program with his singing, a grand finale.

I also wonder what is in store for next year now that it is expected of Viji and Khalid to keep up the tradition they have created and built. Inshah Ishwara we will be there!

As the theme proclaims, Jai Ho to Viji and Khalid and the rest of our wonderful group friends.

The music was vibrant and lots of fun. It was peppered with some very nice humor by Ajay Bhat as a compere.

The Birthday boys and girls!

Including the one who will reach the landmark by October!
The guests I am sure had a great evening!